Can't Edit Checkins

Open ACU is mostly a re-expression of what POCA Point started. The goal is ease of use while not skimping on features and capability. The biggest differences are a modern user interface (UI) and greater data integrity. With this in mind the checkin process has changed in fundamental ways.

In PP you could edit the information entered at anytime. If a patient decided to pay more, you could change it — easy. If they purchased herbs on the way out the door — done. If you collected insurance a month later — changed. In Open ACU we’ve dramatically expanded the financial information for deeper details and a new, higher level of integrity. It can do much much more with credits and multiple line items.

We expanded this for several reasons. First, was to accommodate a no-show fee that can be collected at a later time. It also expanded the items you can record in a checkin transaction. In PP you could enter only one item and one dollar value. Finally, this transactional checkin update enables merchant account payments. We hope to bring patient payments to Open ACU within the year and this could not be done properly without a re-build of the checkin. 

The checkin process has changed in fundamental ways.

Think of it this way, if you used your merchant account and charged a credit card for a patient’s visit, say $20. Then on their way out they wanted to by $35 worth of herbs. You would not be able to reopen the CC transaction and edit it’s amount. You can only reverse the transaction and create a new one. You could also create a second transaction for the herbs.

All of this is built into Open ACU. If someone has already paid for their treatment but at a different time buys something else you create a transaction. They probably paid separately so enter the transaction as a separate entry. You could encourage your patients to bundle all of their purchase into the one.