Getting Started

Your Open ACU account has a main portal for the administrative and practitioner staff to enter and maintain a clinic's locations, practitioners, patients, appointment schedule and health records. This article overviews the steps to get your clinic up and going with these steps. (Follow the links for more)

POCA Point clinics will have their data transferred.

  1. Settings and Template: Your account's basic settings, plus your logo and color preferences for emails and the patient portal
  2. Users: You create each user within your account and their level of permission throughout the site
    1. Owners. This user has permission to do anything in the account, typically the owner of the clinic.
    2. Admins. 
    3. Super Editors
    4. Practitioners.
  3. Clinic locations: you can have up to 2 locations with a basic account. Additional locations are $10 monthly per location.
  4. Patients: Create or import your patients.
  5. Schedule blocks: set your work shifts date, time and slot duration.
  6. Health Records: setup your preset treatment codes