Patient Icons

On the schedule grid or the All Patients page each patient can have a number of icons displayed with their names that have significance. These are available as a way of seeing information at a glance for patients on your schedule. Here are all the possible icons (double sized here for clarity). These are shown in the context of an appointment.


madebyadmin.png Key to the left. Appointment made by an Admin. (Look into the appointment log to see which admin)
madebypat.png Person to the left. Appointment made by the Patient.
first.png Block 1. This is the patient's first appointment
redflag.png Red flag. This patient has a red flag. (Use this feature however you wish)
caution.png Yellow Caution. This patient has a caution. (Use this feature however you wish)
hasintake.png Paper clip. This patient has a completed intake form.
startedintake.png Sideways Paper clip. This patient has an intake that hasn't been completed. (Intakes expire so you may need to generate a new one.)
tokens.png Token. This patient has at least one token. See the patient profile page or the checkin popup for the most accurate token total.
credit.png Green Dollar. This patient has at least $0.01 of credit.
debit.png Red Dollar. This patient has at least -$0.01 of a debit. 
note.png Yellow Note. This patient has a note. When you mouse over this icon the most recent or pinned note will display.


Patient Info Popup.

In the schedule and the patient list on All Patients mousing over the patient's name gives you an info window with useful information about the patient. Here is an example where much of what is available from the patient's profile pops up.


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