Conversion of POCA Point Data

Please do not add locations, users (including practitioners) or real patients before your conversion. This will cause duplicates and disassociated data.  

If you signed up for an Open ACU (Open) account and indicated you had a POCA Point (PP) account in the signup form we will perform a conversion of all your data in to your new Open ACU. The biggest issue is timing, so here are some things to consider.

First things first

  • Once you have a new account both Open and PP accounts are available for use.
    • Your Open account is empty of patients, blocks, appointments, health records.
    • You can log into your Open account and familiarize yourself with it.
      • Look though these help files
      • Check out the videos on our website.
      • Add a test patient to schedule any appointments, ect.
  • Your clinic is still running on PP until you tell us to make the conversion.
  • Decide on a date and time to have us make the conversion.
    • Your PP account will be temporarily unavailable to patients.
    • Make sure none of your staff or practitioners are using the system
      • This is to prevent the loss of data they may enter at this time
    • It will take us around an hour depending on the number of patients and appointments being converted.
  • Let us know when to convert and we will confirm that time.
  • Contact your patients to let them know of the change. 
    • The Open patient portal isn't a lot different from PP's but it might be a surprise to them to see the new layout.
    • Patient passwords will remain the same after the import.
    • If they saved their PP password using their browser's password manager it will not work because the new link is on a different domain.
    • Check out this sample email that can help communicate the changes to your patients.

After the data conversion: