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Transaction Report

Admin Scheduler Help Reports

The Transaction Report shows all transactions for a given range. When running a transaction repor...

Cancelation Report

Admin Scheduler Help Reports

The Cancelation Report shows all canceled appointments for a given range. To run a cancelation re...

Practitioner Reports

Admin Scheduler Help Reports

There are two practitioner reports that can be accessed from the Dashboard: the Totals Summary an...

Recording a note prior to checkin

Admin Scheduler Help Scheduling

If you want to record a note on an appointment prior to the check-in, you'll click on the check-i...

Purchasing Tokens and Credits

Admin Scheduler Help Tokens and Credits

Tokens, credits and debits can all be added to a patient's account during the Checkin Transaction...

Patient announcement template

Admin Scheduler Help Patient announcement template

Below is a patient email template you can use to to notify patients about your new scheduler. We ...

Duplicate Patients

Admin Scheduler Help Patients

The Duplicate Patients page shows a list of patients with duplicate names. You can get to this pa...

Viewing Unlocked Records

EHR Help Electronic Health Records

To view a list of health records that have not yet been approved and locked, go to the EHR Appoin...

Printing Health Records

EHR Help Electronic Health Records

If you need to print a patient's health records, you'll do so from the Patient Profile page.  On...

Detail TRXN Report

Admin Scheduler Help Reports

The Detail TRXN Report is similar to the Transaction Report in that it shows all transactions for...

Sorting blocks

Admin Scheduler Help Scheduling

If you have multiple blocks on one day, they can be sorted either alphabetically or chronological...

Patient activity logs

Admin Scheduler Help Patients

All patient activity is logged on the Patient Profile page.  Patient Log The Patient Log shows ...