Private EHR Note

Private EHR notes can be viewed by users with Practitioner permissions by not by Admin users. The private EHR note should be used to document medical or treatment-related information that needs to be viewed on an ongoing basis.

For example, let’s say a patient has a strong adverse reaction anytime needles are placed in his head, so you want practitioners to avoid needling the head. You’d want every Practitioner to be aware of this, but it’s not something relevant for Admin users. So you’d document this as a Private EHR note. 

To record a Private EHR note, click on the patient’s name from either the schedule or the EHR. This will take you to their patient profile page, where you’ll use the Notes section in the upper right corner:


Type an exclamation point (!) first, and then enter the note. Enter return to save your note:


The Private EHR Note will now appear on the patient profile page, but only users with Practitioner permission will be able to see it: 


The Private EHR Note will also appear under the patient’s name on the EHR:


To delete a Private EHR Note, simply click the red X next to the note entry on the patient profile page.