Blocks are the shifts within your schedule. You create blocks on dates and locations if you have more than one location you would switch to the proper location and create the block on that date. Here's a video sample.

Adding a block blockicons.png

  • Click the plus sign in the group of block icons to the top right of the page.
  • A form will popup in a modal window.
    • Choose your slot increment, start and end time.
    • To make this block invisible on the patient portal, click the box next to Private. You will be able to view this block on the admin portal, but patients will not see it on the patient portal.
    • Select the Practitioner from the dropdown.
    • Select your Service Name from the dropdown, or add a new service name.
      • The Service Name shows up at the top of the schedule block on the patient's portal. You can use service name labels to create different types of services on your schedule.
    • Select your Location
    • If you want to repeat this block, select the repeat increment and number of repeats (more on repeating blocks below)

Add block.png

Saving a block style

Any block can be used as a template of sorts, saving that block as a block style. Block styles include the practitioner, the slot time, the start to finish times and any coffee breaks included. This is intended to make it easier to make blocks and to have fewer errors.

To create a block style

  • Locate a block you want to save. It should have the start and finish times, slot times, practitioner and coffee breaks you want.
  • Click the stacked plus icon in that block's edit icons. blockedit.png
  • In the popup form give it a unique and descriptive name and click save.
  • Now, when you create a new block the option of using your saved block styles is available.


Repeating blocks

When adding a block to the schedule, you can repeat that block on future dates. To repeat a block, click on the Repeats dropdown menu to select your interval. You can repeat a block on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Then select the number of times you want to repeat that block. 

You can use the Repeat function when you are adding a new block or adding one from your saved blocks. 

Repeat blocks 2.png

Repeat blocks 1.png

Edit a block blockedit.png

  • Click the pencil icon at the top right of the block. 
  • Change any of the parameters you used creating the block
  • If you change the start or end time and doing so cuts off any appointments
    • The appointments will be cancelled
    • and they are added to the waiting list

Editing or Deleting saved blocks

Click on Saved Blocks under Appointments on the main menu: 


From here you'll select the saved block you want to edit or delete. Select your block to edit the title or delete the block:


Private Blocks

Private blocks are visible to schedule admins but do NOT appear on the patient portal, so patients are unable to schedule an appointment in a private block. Only admins can schedule an appointment in a private block.

If a patient has an appointment scheduled in a private block, the appointment WILL show up in their list of appointments on the patient portal. 

To make a private block, click the "Private?" checkbox in the block options when creating a block: 

Private block 2.png

The top of a private block will be highlighted in blue on the schedule:

Private block.png