Canceling Appointments

Appointments can be cancelled by an admin under the following rules

  • If the appointment has not been checked in
    • if it has you will need to reverse the appointment transaction. 
  • Appointments in the future or past can be cancelled, in effect removing it from the schedule
  • There is a log kept for each cancelled appointment that you can see from the patient's page.

Patients can also cancel appointments but they are restricted by the number of hours the clinic has set in the preferences. This time is from 4 hours to 36 hours prior to the appointment.

When the admin cancels an appointment the cancel popup appears.

Cancel appointment popup

To charge the patient a no-show fee enter a dollar amount in the first field. A note is first for the appointment log and may also be used to send the patient an email. Checking the box sends that email with the details of their appointment cancellation. You may use the default values, no charge and the log note without sending an email.

When you charge a patient a cancelation fee, it will appear as a negative credit on their account. You can view their credit balance and history from their Patient Profile page: 


The negative credit balance will appear as a red dollar sign next to their name at future appointments, until the credit balance is paid: 


Tokens and credits can also be used to pay a cancelation fee. 

Use Patient Token to Pay Cancelation Fee

Check the "take a token" box in the cancel popup - this will deduct one token from their account:


Note: You should only check this box if the patient has tokens in their account. Otherwise you'll give them a negative token balance. 

Use Patient Credit to Pay Cancelation Fee

If a patient has a positive credit balance, the cancelation fee will automatically be deducted from their account when you confirm the cancelation and charge. The patient's credit history on their Patient Profile page will show when credit has been used to pay for treatments, cancelation fees, etc: