Text Reminders: Codes Key

If you have text reminders with your Open ACU account you can edit the verbiage in the messages sent to your patients to your preferences. These messages can contain a combination of fixed text and variables that depend on the recipient and their appointment. Think of it like mail merge.

An Example of Text Reminder Verbiage:

Hi [[NAME]]! It's [[CLINIC]] with a reminder of your [[BLNAME]] appointment with [[PRAC]] [[APPTIME]]. Visit [[URL]] to make changes. Reply STOP to end msgs.

Use the codes with double brackets "[[]]" and all caps when inserting specific variables.

Text Reminder Codes Reference:

Code Description
[[NAME]] Patient's first name
[[APPTIME]] Appointment Date and Time
[[URL]] Your Patient Portal URL
[[CLINIC]] Your clinic's name
[[PRAC]] The appointment's practioner's name
[[BLNAME]] The Block Name
[[LOC]] Location Name
[[LOCADD]] Location Address
[[LOCPHONE]] Location Phone Number