Printable Transaction Statement for a Patient

From the patient's profile page you can print a styled and branded transaction statement for patients that includes transaction details. Transactions can be narrowed down by date range and the page prints to a printer or PDF for emailing. Unlike the transaction report this report is designed to be printed and has your clinic brand in the header. 

To Print Transactions for a Patient

  1. Log into your Open ACU Admin.
  2. Go to the patient's profile page for whom you'd like to report.
  3. Locate the "Transaction" section of the patient profile page. 
  4. Click the printer icon in the section header.


This will open a new browser window or tab. By default all year to date transactions are loaded. You can change the date range and reload the page to your preferred dates.

Printing from a web page in most modern browsers allows you to save the file as a PDF. Please refer to your specific browser's instructions for creating PDFs from a web page.