Using tokens and credits for payments and fees

Using for payments

Patients have the option of using tokens and/or credits to pay for their treatments. 

Use Patient Token to Pay For Treatment


If a patient has at least one token they can use one to pay the treatment amount as entered in the transaction. This will adjust the balance of the transaction. Added line items total will remain and will need to be paid. Clicking Save will reduce the patient's tokens by one.

Use Patient Credit to Pay


If a patient has credit it will appear in the transaction. Credit can be used to pay for the entire transaction including extras and the treatment. If the credit is less than the total it will reduce the total transaction by the amount of credit and the rest will need to be paid.

Using for Fees

Tokens and credits can also be used when a patient owes money to the clinic, for example for a cancelation fee. 

Use Patient Token to Pay Cancelation Fee

Check the "take a token" box in the cancel popup - this will deduct one token from their account:


Note: You should only check this box if the patient has tokens in their account. Otherwise you'll give them a negative token balance. 

Use Patient Credit to Pay Cancelation Fee

If a patient has a positive credit balance, the cancelation fee will automatically be deducted from their account when you confirm the cancelation and charge. The patient's credit history on their Patient Profile page will show when credit has been used to pay for treatments, cancelation fees, etc:



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