The Appointment Log

Getting to the appointment log.

The appointment log opens as a modal window from the context of the appointment.
Here are the appointment popup boxes from the schedule. The first is when clicking the checkin icon. The second is the pencil icon on appointments already checked in. Click the magnifying glass icon to see the appointment log.

checkin_with_logbtn.jpg  appt_popup.jpg

From the patient's profile page you can load the patient's appointments in the bottom right section of the page. Load past or future or cancellation appointments and look for the magnifying glass icon.


Open ACU logs everything as it pertains to appointments.

  • When the appointment was created and by whom.
  • Appointment confirmation email activity (Mail timestamps are Pacific time because the server is in California)
    • Sent: meaning it got initiated from the email service.
    • Delivered: meaning it arrived at the patient's email server.
    • Bounced: means the message was sent to a mailbox that doesn't exist.
    • Opened: the message actually was opened by the patient.
    • Delayed: the patient's email account could not deliver the message and will try again.
      • This status can happen when the receiving server has a log jam of messages and can't process the request. Yahoo, Verizon and AOL servers had this problem in early June 2021.
  • Checkin is logged
    • This will include the admin user who checked them in
    • It will also summarize the transaction.
  • If an EHR record is duplicated and which appointment ID.
  • EHR record created.
  • EHR record locked.

Here is an example of a log with a Delay message.


Delayed Messages are not the same as bounces, there is just a problem with the receiving or patient's email server. The sending part worked but the receiving server could not make the final push. The message will likely go through eventually. Our service does try 6 more times in a 72 hour period. 
Here is a FAQ on understanding delays and bounces from SparkPost our mail delivery service.

Bounced messages will make Open ACU opt-out the patient's email preference because the mailbox address is broken and we don't want to try that again. You will also see a note on the patient's account saying this.